According to the results of the state assessment conducted in accordance with the order of the Department for control in the education sphere of South Kazakhstan oblast dated 23 November 2012 №657 “On the state certification of the Shymkent College of transport, communication and new technologies”, the work of the College determined in accordance with the requirements of RK legislation in the field of education and certified by a positive assessment in the following specialties::


On February 25, 2015, the state license No. KZ00LAA00004372 was obtained for educational activities of the state municipal state enterprise “Shymkent College of transport, communications and new technologies” for the following specialties::


    1201000 – ” maintenance, repair and operation of road transport”»;

    1203000 – ” organization and management of railway transportation”»;

    1202000 – “organization of passenger and baggage transportation” (by industry));

    1410000- ” construction and operation of roads and airfields”»;

    1108000- ” operation, repair and maintenance of railway rolling stock”»

    1303000 – ” automation, telemechanics and traffic control on railway transport «»;

    1206000 – ” traffic management”»;

    1402000 – “Technical operation of road machines”.