Socio – psychological service

The purpose of psychological services in college

The formation of students

Preservation of psychological health, favorable socio-psychological and providing psychological support to participant’s educator. The structure of psychological service includes the teacher-psychologist, the teacher-sociologist, college inspector and school leaders.

The mission of psychological services in the college

  • Introduction of forms and methods of innovative and active work;
  • Successful training, development and professional development the creation of psychological environment for;
  • Creation of interrelationship between subjects of educational process contributing to the formation of students as socially significant;
  • In order to improve the educational process and educational work in college conducting psychological research;
  • Communicating, teachers, parents, promotion of healthy lifestyle and preliminary work;

Main areas of work:

  • Psych-diagnostic direction;
  • Psycho-prophylactically direction;
  • Psych correctional direction;
  • Consultancy;
  • Increase psychological knowledge.
  • Stages of work of psychological service;
  • Planning of work on psychological service;
  • Work with members of the teaching staff;
  • Control of the adaptation period;
  • Prevention of difficulties arising in different age periods;
  • Admittance to young professionals;
  • Working with parents;

Psychologist: Musa Tansholpa