Required documents

Admissions of applications

Daytime department:

Graduates of grades 9 and 11 — from June 20 to August 20 each year.

Correspondence department:

Graduates of grade 11 — from June 20 to September 20 every year.

Application Attachment:

  • • Original education certificate.
  • • UNT (for secondary school graduates in 2018).
  • • Medical certificate with fluorographic report of sample No. 086 / U.
  • • For documents 3×4 cm. 4 photos.
  • • A copy of the work book (for those who have work experience).
  • • Identification card, birth certificate. The document on the participation of the military commitment must be submitted to the selection committee.

Candidates who graduated from high school on the basis of 11th grade in 2018 are admitted to complete and incomplete education for certification of Unified National Testing (UNT).