Mission and strategy

Mission of college

Preparation of competent professionals in the high tech and professional education for the development of the productive capacity of the Kazakhstan’s economy in the new world.

Mission of college – performance of duties in the social, economic and educational fields in the region, in the current market conditions, requires theoretical and practical skills, personal integrity, competitiveness and meet the demand for professionals. 


  • New achievements in relevant fields of science and technology;
  • Satisfaction of professional learning needs of domestic and foreign experience;
  • Together with organizations and institutions;
  • Professional counseling;
  • Research, scientific, practical and experimental work;
  • Coordination of scientific advice for students;
  • Development of programs, projects, proposals and other documents on the profile of the specialty;
  • Preparation of educational and methodological materials aimed at improving the quality of training;
  • Improving the efficiency of a highly competitive education system in the field of professional training.

Prospects: To be a center of innovation in the field of training of secondary professional education in Kazakhstan.

Strategic objective: become innovative education in the field of secondary professional education specialties in terms of communication and informatization of Kazakhstan.

Strategic direction of the college:

  • Further improvement of the experience of secondary professional education;
  • Find the most effective ways to achieve the goals set for new educational services;
  • Providing a self-critical evaluation;
  • To bring all the components of the educational process to a new level of quality through the introduction of new innovative technologies.