Inner order rules

Rules of Road – Transport College
    The educational process in the college is based on strict adherence to internal rules based on the loyalty and creative relationship of students in the performance of their duties and studies.


Responsibilities of College Students:

1 A systematic and in-depth study of theoretical and professional knowledge, skills and abilities in the chosen specialty.
2. To study the  culture of interethnic communication in order to deeply master the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to create interest in  culture, traditions and customs of people living in the Republic.

3.To listen carefully the  teachers during lesson and  follow all the instructions of  the teachers.
4. To give an information about your absence if you are ill or has any other circumstances.
5.Complete the tasks in the planned  time and schedule.

6.Develop creative self-discipline, actively participate in socially useful work, work independently in the management of an educational institution.
7. Be disciplined, clean in college, on the street, in public.
8. Ensure the safety of collective property, compliance with established rules for the storage of material assets and documents and the economical and rational use of materials, water and electricity.
9.Participate in the professional program work of the college, participate in the community life of the team.
10.Smoking, modern gadgets (cameras, voice recorders, video cameras) are forbidden to walk in the corridor during classes and on the premises of the college.
11.For college students to strengthen Kazakhstan’s patriotism, a classic style in accordance with the internal order of the college:

Male – shirt, black pants, tie, shoes;

Girls – dress, black skirt and tie;

Must wear a jacket, tie, jacket or suit;

Students suits and trousers should be black (dark, blue). Dresses and coats should be white and yellow.

   12. For physical training classes – in sports uniforms, military uniforms for initial military training and special clothes in practical exercises in the specialty.

Parents and group leaders control discipline and wear.

Students are subject to disciplinary action (warning, reprimand, withdrawal from college) for violation of educational requirements and internal rules.