NAO “Talap”

On March 30, 2022, in accordance with the plan of the trip of the President of the NAO “Talap” Ordabaev Olzhas Temirbekovich to Shymkent with the material and technical base of the road transport college and within the framework of the project “Zhas maman” to strengthen the base of the college, measures were taken to develop programs for directions: 07161300 – “maintenance, repair and operation of road transport” and 07140700 – “automation in railway transport, specialty” telemechanics and traffic control “familiarized with the placement, commissioning of equipment, received a degree in telemechanics and traffic control. During the visit to the college, Olzhas Temirbekovich talked with the administrative staff of the college, teachers, students, asked questions and made his proposals.

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